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About Us
RJeM is a leading supplier of automotive equipment and works hard to exceed your industry expectations. We provide safe and reliable heavy equipment that will fit every need for your body shop, car dealer ship, repair shop, or home workshop.
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Work Time: 9:00 - 5:00
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4400 Town Plaza Dr. #100
Contact: 1-281-235-7189
Diagnostic Tools

Many of our tools can help you quickly diagnose problems with a vehicle.

Perfect Design

Our products have been designed to be efficient to save as much time as possible.

Quality Assurance

Making sure our customers are happy with their products is a top priority.

Customer Service

Our team is dedicated to providing assistance to help with answers to any questions that you might have to help run your equipment safely and efficiently.

Vehicle Inspection

We have a variety of equipment that can be used for vehicle inspection.


Our warranties match our dedication to customer service lasting for years after your purchase.

What products can help you?


Wheel Alignment

If wheels are not properly aligned it can create friction on breaks causing unwanted wear.


Tire Changing

A service many people over look that can make a difference to you customers.


Auto Lift

A very important tool for any mechanic that can save hours bent over a vehicle.

Our Team

Christopher Howard
Tech Support
Tyler Bishop
Lift Installer
Philip Fowler
Lift Installer
Christian Fields

Ships within 24 hours

All orders are normally shipped within 24 hours unless we do not have the specific color requested.



Client Satisfaction

We take care of our clients and make sure we can answer any questions they have.


Reliable Service

Only 6% of the equipment we sell has a problem within the 1st year, which is covered by warranty.

Tech Support

We are committed to customer support evolving and investing in our team to improve the way we handle the needs and questions of our customers.

Our Experience

We have served over 2000 customers in the greater Houston area alone and pride ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of heavy equipment for the automotive industry.

Our Guarantee

All of our products will be free of defects and problems for at least 1 year. Some offer a longer warranty.

Get Appointment

We understand that you might want to come see this product before you buy it. Just let us know and we can set up a time to accommodate your needs.